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Air Sealing in Decatur, Illinois

Drafty kitchen? Stuffy bedrooms? An always-chilly hallway? We get it. Home air quality is one of the most important factors in your family’s comfort and health—but many homeowners find it tough to control. The culprit is almost always leaks in your home’s structure that let outside air in. That’s why Decatur homeowners trust Assured Insulation with air sealing their homes—a process that keeps the indoors comfortable, no matter what it’s like outside.

Do I need Air Sealing?

Many homeowners struggle with high utility bills, uneven indoor temperatures, and even airborne allergens in the home. If any of these sound familiar, air sealing might be right for you. Attics, basements, crawlspaces, and the areas around windows and doors can all contribute to a drafty home. At Assured Insulation, we target these problem areas to keep your home energy-efficient and comfortable.


How does it work?

Air sealing starts with what’s called a blower door test. This diagnostic test measures how airtight your home is and identifies any leaky spots using thermal imaging cameras. Our highly-trained technicians then tackle these leaks using expanding polyurethane foam. This creates an airtight seal between the outdoors and your interior air, locking in the heating or cooling you use with maximum efficiency.

Why choose Assured Insulation Decatur?

Our home energy performance experts are trusted across Illinois for friendly, professional service. We perform detailed energy audits on homes of all shapes and sizes, and work with our clients to craft customized air quality solutions. You can rest easy with our professionals on the case!
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