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Basement and Crawlspace Encapsulation in Decatur, IL

When is the last time you checked out your crawlspace or basement? If it has been longer than you can remember, you may be missing out on ways to decrease your costs and increase your comfort. Upgrade the insulation in the space below your home.

The crawlspace or basement is often overlooked, but it needs your attention. We know that it can be cold, damp, or even a bit musty, but you can’t ignore this critical part of your home. If you’re dealing with uncomfortable temperatures or paying high costs to maintain your living space, Assured Insulation has a solution: crawlspace encapsulation.

Why do I need crawlspace encapsulation?

Without encapsulation, excess moisture can enter your basement or crawlspace. Remember, the way it feels below your home in your crawlspace also impacts your living space upstairs — from the bedrooms to the kitchen. As excess moisture enters your crawlspace, there’s also a greater chance of mold development and damage to your home. Choosing to skip this step can lead to the following issues:

  • Cold floors
  • Pest infiltration
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Drafts and uncomfortable temperatures
  • Increased heating and cooling costs


What is the process?

Assured Insulation brings experience and expertise to your home. Before we begin, we inspect your crawlspace, taking notes of potential problem areas. Next, we identify the cause of additional moisture entering your crawlspace. We then install a thick vapor barrier. This will help to protect your crawlspace from moisture infiltration in the future. Lastly, we insulate key areas (pipes, floors, and walls) in your crawlspace by using spray foam or cellulose. This is another preventative step that we take to protect your crawlspace.

Why should I act now?

Crawlspace encapsulation is a way to stay steps ahead of common insulation issues that can cost homeowners money each year. From high energy bills to chilling winter drafts and humid nights in your home, encapsulation brings a solution. With simple changes in the space under your house, return back to comfortable living.

Basement Encapsulation: For the health of your home

At Assured Insulation, we stand by the whole home philosophy.  Each of our technicians understands the impact an encapsulated crawlspace can have on the comfort of your home.  So if you've been suffering from cold winter drafts, humid and uncomfortable indoor summer temperatures, and high energy bills, the answer may be right under your feet.
Is your crawlspace to blame for your cold floors?
Get in touch to learn more about how basement encapsulation can increase the comfort of your home.  A member of our team will contact you shortly.