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Attic Insulation in Decatur, Illinois

The insulation in your attic works as a wall, preventing the unconditioned air in your attic from reaching the living spaces in your home. When a home is void of proper insulation, there is a pathway for heat to travel from your attic into your home, and vice versa. This causes your home to lack energy efficiency by allowing the heat to escape from your home when it’s cold out, and making the heat enter your home when it’s hot. Not only will you feel discomfort in your home, but your heating and cooling systems will be working overtime trying to make up the difference.

This is why attic insulation is an essential part of your home’s energy efficiency. Finding a professional and experienced attic insulation provider to make sure that your attic has sufficient, properly installed insulation, is important. Our expert team of attic insulation providers is here for those in Decatur, Illinois and the surrounding areas. We make sure that your home has the insulation it needs to keep you comfortable and keep your energy expenses down year round.

Why you need Attic Insulation in your home

Energy Efficiency
Proper insulation in your attic will slow the heat transmission between the living spaces in your home and your attic.  This will conserve the energy of your heating and cooling systems, and allow your home to operate at peak energy efficiency.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs
Being able to control the space where your heating and cooling systems have to operate reduces your overall heating and cooling costs.  Using attic insulation to create a barrier to keep heat in during the winter, and heat out during the summer allows your system to run more efficiently and ultimately save you money.  It will also help your equipment to run more efficiently and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Improve Comfort Levels of Your Home
Attic Insulation will reduce the variations in temperature in your home, making you more comfortable with more control of the temperature settings in your home.  The barrier of attic insulation can also help with the noise transference and vibration throughout the house.

The science behind Attic Insulation

Heat passes all too easily through a poorly insulated attic. In the winter, heated interior air rises naturally by convection and escapes into the attic through air leaks. Conductive heat loss through the cold ceiling makes rooms directly beneath the attic even colder. The problem reverses on a hot summer day, as attic temperatures rise to the 140-degree range and heat moves into your living space.

Attic insulation slows both conduction and convection. Insulation traps air, which makes it more difficult for heat to travel from space to space. Insulation R-value is a measurement of its effectiveness in accomplishing that task. The higher the R-value, the stronger the insulation.

Types of Attic Insulation We Use

When you hire our professional attic insulation providers, we will ensure you receive high-quality attic insulation in your home.  There are a few different types of insulation that we install, depending on the unique needs of the home.

Spray Foam Insulation

The highest thermal resistance rating of insulation we offer to reduce your home of air leakage the most and provide the best results available on the market today.

Blown Cellulose Insulation

A fire-resistant recycled paper product

Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Traditional Fiberglass Batt

Where appropriate.

The Solution for an Energy Efficient Attic

Air Sealing

Air leaks are the biggest contributor to the "stack effect", which is how warm air rises and escapes through a roof in the winter and then sucks cold air back into the home.  Air sealing eliminates any holes and gaps in the home's building envelope.


Insulation controls heat flow in the home, preventing heat from escaping in the winter and blocking heat out during the summer, making your home more energy efficient and comfortable to live in.


Proper ventilation helps regulate air flow in tightly sealed and insulated homes - plus it promotes clean and healthy indoor air, keeping your family safe and comfortable.

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