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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Whether you’re considering a smaller project like sealing the air gaps around your windows or a larger project like a solar electric system installation, your first call should be to Assured Insulation Decatur for all your Energy Efficiency needs. Our team of professionals has the experience, know-how, and attention to detail needed to help you find the right Energy Efficiency Solutions.

Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit is the first step to a more comfortable and efficient home. We take a whole-house approach when conducting energy audits, using state-of-the-art tools to identify areas where your home is wasting energy. Our goal is to provide you with Energy Efficiency Solutions for a greener and more cost-effective living environment..

Through a diagnostic blower door test, we’ll evaluate how air tight your home is and determine where and how severe the leaks are. Then, with thermal camera imaging, we’ll pinpoint the problem areas of air leakage and moisture infiltration. We’ll then recommend cost-effective solutions for conserving energy in your home.

Homeowners are shocked at how much energy they can save by making a few simple improvements in their home.


Installation of Energy-Saving Products

We work with a wide variety of energy-saving products to give homeowners exactly the energy efficient solutions they need. We’ll even work with your local utility company to install low-cost, energy-saving products as they are made available.

For walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces, we remove old insulation and install new, energy-efficient insulation for greater home comfort. We’ll install spray foam, blown-in cellulose, blown-in fiberglass, or traditional fiberglass batts according to your needs.

For areas that have air leaks, we offer air sealing services for a more airtight home. The energy-saving products we install in your home will offer year-round benefits and help you save up to 30% on home heating and cooling costs.

Helping you create a more energy efficient home

Additionally we take pride in helping homeowners, and the surrounding areas enhance the energy efficiency of their homes. Through testing and home energy audits, we help our clients find the most cost-effective solutions for their homes. Through insulation installation and air sealing, we help our customers enjoy energy savings year-round.

We assist our clients in obtaining all available rebates and financial incentives to make energy efficiency more accessible.
Whatever your energy efficiency needs, the experts at Assured Insulation Decatur are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to accomplish the same tasks. It’s crucial because it reduces energy consumption, lowers utility bills, and reduces environmental impact.

We provide a range of services, including home energy audits, insulation installation, air sealing, HVAC upgrades, and more to enhance energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency can lead to lower energy bills, increased comfort, improved indoor air quality, and a smaller carbon footprint.

A home energy audit is an assessment of your home’s energy performance. Our professionals inspect your home, identify energy waste, and recommend improvements.

The duration of an energy audit depends on the size and complexity of your home, but it usually takes a few hours.


Common recommendations may include adding insulation, sealing air leaks, upgrading HVAC systems, and replacing inefficient appliances.

No, you can prioritize and implement improvements based on your budget and preferences.

Depending on your location, there may be rebates, tax credits, or incentives available for energy-efficient improvements.

It’s recommended to assess your home’s energy efficiency periodically, especially after significant changes like renovations or appliance upgrades.

You can schedule a consultation or energy audit by contacting us through our website, phone, or email. We’ll be happy to assist you in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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