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We are Central Illinois' home for all of your insulation needs.  We pride ourselves on our hard work, skilled workers, and the ability to be a locally-owned, family business.  Allow us the opportunity to provide an insulation solution for your home or business.

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Multifamily Energy-Efficiency Rebates in Central Illinois

For nearly a decade, it has been our pleasure to provide millions of dollars in rebates to multifamily building owners and managers. Through the multifamily rebate program, our clients won’t pay a single penny for insulation and air sealing.

When the work has been completed, buildings are more energy-efficient, occupants experience increased comfort, and building owners recognize the return on their investment.


What are the benefits?

Working with the team at Assured Insulation, multifamily property managers receive insulation and air sealing services at no cost to them or their occupants. Instead, the utility company provides the rebates. Assured Insulation is paid directly by the utility company when the job is finished.

Can anyone participate?

Each year, a new application process begins on June 1. Managers and property owners are encouraged to submit a request for consideration. With a high demand for making buildings more energy-efficient, funding is limited. We provide services for any multifamily building. This includes insulation for electric-heated apartments.

Which areas do we serve?

If you’re a manager or property owner in Decatur or the surrounding area, apply for funding in June. Know that we are a locally owned and operated company, so we are honored to proudly serve our community and fuel our local economy.

Our clients can take comfort in knowing that our team members have taken and passed multiple certifications. From our owners, managers, and sales staff, to our crew leaders, we have high standards for our team members.

Our team is certified in building science — particularly the areas of building envelope as well as building analysis issues. This experience is critical as our team evaluates test results that can make a big difference in your living space.

Want to get multifamily rebates for energy efficiency upgrades?
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